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Cambio. Rivista sulle trasformazioni sociali

on Lunedì, 08 Giugno 2015. Posted in Articoli, Notizie

Call for papers - Number 10 / December 2015

Cambio. Rivista sulle trasformazioni sociali

The monographic section of the December 2015 issue will focus on the following themes: Work and Differences.
The call aims at contributions of an anthropological and sociological perspective, preferably with ethnographic method and approaches, which would fall into the possible and multiple links between forms, places and work cultures, and social, cultural, political and economic differences. Cambio will welcome contributions of theoretical, empirical and applied research that investigate the interaction between work and differences, whether of gender, culture, generation, nationality or socio-economic position. The articles presented must deal in their analysis with one or more of these differences (in varying degrees of structuring up to that proper inequality), considering them in their relationship with the different dimensions of work activity. Some fields of inquiry and/or theoretical analysis can be identified:

a) in forms of work directly related to different backgrounds and nationalities of owners and workers (ethnic
businesses, transnational companies);
b) in the encounter between global dynamics and local work characteristics (multinational companies,
c) in the effects of the economic crisis on different categories of workers;
d) in generational, gender and regional features of work cultures and forms.

The editors are also interested in evaluating contributions to the Journal's non-thematic area, which includes theSections Eliasian Themes, Essays and Researches, and Contributions. They also invite profiles, reviews and recommendations of books, essays and scientific events. The invitation to participate in the selection is intended for researchers from all fields of the social sciences, with no preference for particular theoretical or methodologicalapproaches. The texts - unpublished and not submitted simultaneously for evaluation by other journals - must be sent by October 12th, 2015 to the editors

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in docx, doc, or rtf format, according to the Indications for authors published on our website, at:

The editors determine the publishability of contributions on the basis of the opinions of anonymous referees, inaccordance with the double-blind peer review formula. Exception is made only for articles in the Contributions section.

The editors will inform authors of the outcome of the referee decisions, and hence acceptance or not of the article within a month after its submission. The texts sent must be between 30,000 and 50,000 characters (spaces and bibliographical references included). There must also be attached:

a) a brief biographical note (approximately 600 characters, spaces included) with information about the university/institution of membership, research topics pursued, projects in progress, and major publications;
b) a short abstract in English, in which the gist of the article is indicated in a clear and concise manner;
c) some keywords (3 to 6, at the close of the English abstract) in order to recap with extreme brevity the subjects treated.

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